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Laser Lites USA & Canada
Laser Lites USA & Canada
Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada Laser Lites USA & Canada
Laser Lites USA & Canada

Laser Lites USA Product Range 


A Product Range Catering for all Coat Types:


Shampoos - All shampoos in the Laser Lites range are able to be tinted to enhance the colour of any breed. All shampoos are pH balanced to prevent adverse reactions.

Our revolutionary two in one conditioning shampoo provides a short cut to a great finish for short to medium coated breeds or puppies where extra conditioning is not warranted. This shampoo can also give a new lease of life to a dry damaged long coat when combined with extra conditioners.
The most gentle premium shampoo in our range. This shampoo can be used everyday. This shampoo will not alter the texture of your coat.
Due to the lanolin properties of this premium shampoo it will produce a soft finish on both long and short coats.
This shampoo is produced using a Ti Tree Oil base. It is excellent for dogs with sensitive skin or those suffering from flea bite, hot spots, abrasions, ezcema, insect bites and stings or any topical infection.
Our premium clarifying shampoo designed to remove build up and debris from all coats. Due to its clarifying properties it is always recommended that you condition the coat after use unless you are using this product to coarsen a soft coat.
Ti Tree & Citronella
Another Ti Tree Oil based shampoo with added Citronella to aid in flea control. This shampoo is recommended for coarse or harsh coated breeds.
Dry Kleen
A no rinse shampoo based on a natural citrus enzyme. Dry Kleen can be used as a prewash or daily to remove protein-based stains such as food, vomit, urine, blood and faeces. As this product is used on a dry coat it is a must for show days.
A shampoo designed to produce more bubbles than our regular shampoos

Conditioners - No conditioners in our range are tinted as tinting is best done during the shampoo phase of bathing. All conditioners are pH balanced to prevent adverse reactions.

Acid Rinse
The lightest conditioner in our basic range. Recommended for short to medium length coats or long coats in extremely good condition where minimal conditioning is required.
A medium conditioner in our basic range suitable for all coats. Can be used on long coats in good condition or short to medium length dogs where a little more condition is optimum. Contains aloe vera oil to nourish the skin.
The strongest conditioner in our basic range. Excellent on medium coats that need that little extra condition or on long coats in good condition. Produces a sleek finished look.
The ultimate conditioner for long coats in good condition. Produces the softest finish with that added drape effect so desired on long flowing coats.
Intensive Protein Treatment
The ultimate conditioner containing collagen to repair split ends, sun-burnt or chemically treated hair. This conditioner brings back the elasticity in each hair to prevent breakage.

Finishing Products

Go Straight
Premium quality hair relaant crŠme to tame unwanted waves. This is a premium quality hair relaxant crŠme, and is excellent on any coat that requires heavy conditioning (e.g. Drape), or the control of unwanted waves. May be used instead of Drape, or undiluted to really wavy areas, or sprayed on. Always blow dry down.
Volume Plus
This is a premium quality volumising crŠme to give extra body and fullness to feathering, long thin coats, and spitz coats. Can be used instead of a conditioner or treatment, or sprayed on. Always blow dry up.
Show Spray
This spray is an excellent show day spray that contains an anti static. This spray is also a very effective everyday grooming spray for long coated breeds to help prevent coat breakage during grooming.
Liquid Diamonds
This spray has been formulated to produce an instant shine and silky texture to short coated breeds. Also suitable for long coated breeds due to our use of the finest atomiser spray. When used on long coated breeds it will give added control on windy days. The diamond effect of this spray makes each hair shaft sparkle in the sunlight.
Dusty Diamonds
This product will produce an unbelievable sparkle on your dog?s coat when the sun is shining. Simply sprinkle onto a brush SPARINGLY, and work through the coat. This is the powder version of Liquid Diamonds
Silk is highly concentrated and should be used accordingly. Can be used with any of our conditioners or treatments to give a body-hugging finish with added shine or added to your choice of conditioner. May also be mixed in a spray bottle alone or with your choice of conditioner as a show spray or general maintenance spray. Particularly good when mixed with Intensive Protein Treatment.
Excellent as a maintenance finish when used as a final rinse. An extremely good detangler when used in a spray bottle. Highly concentrated, contains coat polish, repels dirt and urine.

Coat Oils

Liquid Diamonds
Excellent for binding of ear fringes and side wraps. Can also be used in windy weather for more coat control on lon soft coated breeds.
Mattless Magic
This conditioning cream oil is exactly as the name states. Not suitable as a show finish. This cream oil helps to reduce matting in the coat to extend the time between bathing. Daily grooming is still recommended.
Show Oil
This is a water soluble oil that can be added to the coat to help reduce matting. Can be used in conjunction with your choice of conditioner. Can be used to reduce tangles in a show bath when used in moderation.
Maintenance Oil
This is also a water soluble oil however much heavier than show oil. produces a very oily maintenance finish.

Stain Removal

Whiten Up
A premium quality whitening agent. It is used when you need to remove stains on coats that are too delicate to use No More Stains. When using Whiten Up never apply more than three times before shampooing and conditioning coat. Contains optical brightener.
No More Stains
Stain removing powder. Can be added to shampoo or diluted for use as a spray. Removes stubborn protein-based stains such as food, blood, urine and faeces, also tear and licking stains.
Dry Kleen
A no rinse shampoo based on a natural citrus enzyme. Dry Kleen can be used as daily to gently remove protein-based stains such as food, vomit, urine, blood and faeces.


Ti Tree Lotion
Ti Tree Lotion is based on Melaleuca Oil (or as we in Australia call it, ti-tree oil). Used for the relief of cuts and abrasions, eczema, flea bites, fly strike, insect bites and stings, red itch and most topical skin irritations. Sensational results.
Yuk Bitters
Foul tasting but harmless substance to spray onto dogs who are biting themselves. Also effective in repelling flies and other insects.
Our deodorants are based on aromatherapy oils and are extremely long-lasting. Spray onto dog or bedding for a pleasant fragrance. Available in coconut, floral, citrus, lavender, vanilla and citronella.
Available in blue, purple, black, bronze, mahogany and red. Designed to bring out the natural colour of your coat. Can be used as a tint in most shampoos or as a final rinse.
Long Life Brush
The Long Life Brush is a radical brush that is guaranteed to last longer than any of the existing brands. This brush has a revolutionary cushion design that makes it impossible for the pins to sink into the cushion during normal use. The Long Life Brush comes with a six month guarantee that we will replace the brush, free of charge, if a pin sinks into the cushion.
Category 1 - Short to Medium Length Coat

Category 2 - Fringed Breeds

Category 3 - Terrier Type Coats

Category 4 - Spitz Coat

Category 5 - Long Soft or Silky Coats

Category 6 - Poodles

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