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Laser Lites USA Coat Type 5


Category 5 - Long Soft or Silky Coats


Typical Breeds: Afghan Hound, American Cocker Spaniel, Australian Silky Terrier, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso and Soft Coated Wheaten

Most of these breeds are required to have a flowing coat where each hair is discernible. In the case of the Lhasa Apso there are many that misinterpret this coat. This coat is required to be hard not harsh. Judges' interpretation of this coat is that it is soft to touch however each hair is quite thick therefore giving the hard texture.

Show Bath:
If the coat is in good condition then shampoo with either of the following; Lanolin, Herbal Shampoo. Once again it is recommended that you use Stripping Shampoo at least every 6 - 8 weeks to ensure that the coat remains free of build up. A coat displaying excess build up will look dull and appear in poor condition. Brushing of the coat may become difficult with the brush or comb appearing to drag during grooming. A coat displaying build up may also be prone to knotting. You should shampoo the coat twice ensuring that you rinse all shampoo thoroughly from the coat. If the coat is a little dry you might try using Duo 2 in 1 Shampoo as your second shampoo.

It is recommended that you condition the coat with any of the following; Lanolin, Drape Go Straight,or Intensive Protein Treatment mixed with 1-6 caps of Silk. Depending on the texture, conditioning product can be left in, or rinsed out to suit. for extra shine and smoothness

When working with a smaller dog with a dry coat a treatment is recommended. Shampoo coat as above. Apply Intensive Protein Treatment undiluted direct to the coat using your hands to apply to the hair shaft from the skin to the ends of the coat. Work through the coat in the direction of the coat growth. Never rub the coat as this causes matting. Once the treatment has been evenly distributed through the coat then place the dog in a large plastic bag (e.g. garbage bag) and wrap in about three towels. The normal body heat of the dog will activate the treatment and allow the collagen to enter and repair the hair shaft. It is a good idea to take a seat and watch your favourite show on television as this process takes at least 30 minutes. After your treatment time has elapsed you should rinse the treatment totally out of the coat using tepid water to close the hair shaft down. Mix 1 - 5 capfuls of the Intensive Protein Treatment with one cap of Silk in approximately three litres of warm water. Place the dog in a bathing tub with a plug so that when you pour the solution over the dog you are able to capture the liquid that falls from the coat. Once you have poured the solution over the dog you may need to add warm water to the remaining solution so that you can scoop this remaining liquid continually over the body, head and tail. When you are sure this solution has been thoroughly distributed through the hair then lightly rinse the coat and blow dry as you normally would. This process will not only soften and recondition a dry coat but will also renew the elasticity of the hair.

The secret to maintaining a long coat is….. keep it soft between shows. Bath using Lanolin Shampoo, with or without No More Stains (depending on how stained the coat is), then condition using one of our conditioners or treatments. If you prefer to put your dog in oil, use Mattless Magic instead of a conditioner. Also, WOW is excellent to help de-tangle your dog's coat.

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